How are plasma arc lighters different from traditional lighters?

Plasma arc lighters do not contain fuel or emit toxic fumes and eliminate the threat of fuel leakage.

A plasma arc lighter contains a UN 38.3 certified lithium-ion battery which is used to create a high-intensity electric arc.

A windproof, flame-less ignition is produced by the lighter that automatically terminates and resets after seven seconds of continuous use.

Plasma arc lighters are USB rechargeable, providing a much longer lifespan of usage than traditional lighters, making them a more sustainable choice.

Why is a plasma arc lighter easier to use?

Plasma arc lighters are designed to be a safer and more user-friendly alternative to traditional lighters. Unlike gas or butane lighters, which frequently necessitate multiple flicks of a spark wheel, a plasma arc lighter ignites reliably with a simple press of a button or switch.

Can you use a plasma arc lighter upside down?

Yes. One of the many benefits of using a plasma arc lighter is the ability to operate the device upside down without fear of an open flame scorching or burning the user. This allows for easy lighting of candles in cylindrical vases, or multiple candle arrangements on cakes, etc.

Why is a plasma arc lighter considered to be windproof?

A plasma arc lighter generates a continuous, high-intensity electric arc that is impervious to being blown out. Even under the most blustery conditions, the arc maintains its robust conductivity.

How can I maximize the number of times I use the lighter between charges?

To prolong the lifespan of a lithium-ion battery, avoid depleting the battery completely before recharging. Refrain from leaving the battery to charge overnight, which can lead to overcharging. Avoid using a fast-charging USB port for charging. When you first purchase your lighter, it's recommended to charge it for 1-2 hours. Batteries may lose their charge after 3-6 months of inactivity. If you receive a lighter with depleted power, it is not necessarily defective. Just charge the lighter fully, and it should function properly.

How long can you use a plasma arc lighter before it needs to be recharged?

Plasma arc lighters ignite approximately 100 times on a single charge.  
The lithium-ion battery can be recharged an estimated 100 - 200 times depending on the size of the battery, type of lighter and how the lighter is maintained.

Is a plasma arc lighter waterproof?

The Sizzle Survival lighter/flashlight model is a waterproof device; however, its waterproof design is intended for use of the flashlight function only, allowing it to be used in wet conditions (even under water). The plasma-arc lighter portion of the device must remain capped and locked when used in this way.

Most plasma arc lighters are not waterproof and will cease to function if submerged. Plasma arc lighters can be used in rainy conditions without fear of electrical shock but should not be exposed to wet weather for long periods.

Can you be electrocuted from a plasma arc lighter?

The electric current generated by a plasma arc lighter is typically not strong enough to electrocute a person. However, it is advised never to touch the arc while it is in use, and one should be cautious when using a plasma arc lighter with metal pipes, as this could increase the risk of electric shock.

How do you charge the lighter?

All lighters are manufactured with a USB port and come with a USB cable.

  1. Plug the micro-USB end of the cable into the lighter and the other end (type A) into a power adapter that only supports an output voltage of 5V/1Amp.
  2. USB rechargeable lighters can take 1-2 hours to charge.
  3. The LED battery indicator blinks sequentially while charging. When all LED lights are displayed, the lighter is fully charged. On models without a led indicator, a red light displays while charging and turns green to indicate it is fully charged.
  4. DO NOT leave the fully charged lighter connected to a power source, overcharging will shorten the battery's life span. NEVER keep your lighter plugged in overnight. This prevents overheating and extends the battery life.
  5. DO NOT keep the battery completely uncharged for long periods of time.
  6. NEVER keep a plasma arc lighter charging overnight for safety reasons and to prevent overcharging. Overcharging a device may cause overheating.

How often do I have to charge the lighter?

When you purchase your Sizzle lighter, charge the lighter for 1-2 hours. Lighters lose their charge over time. Depending on usage, charging your lighter a minimum of once per month is recommended.

Some Sizzle lighter models are designed with an LED power indicator displaying its current battery charge level. It is best to keep the charge level above 50%.

How long do lithium-ion batteries last in an Arc Lighter?
If the voltage of a lithium-ion cell drops below a certain level, the battery is no longer good. Lithium-ion batteries drain but can last from two to five years or more depending on how you care for your lighter. The battery will not last longer when not in use so do not avoid using the lighter, thinking it will extend the battery life. If your lighter fails to work replace the charging cable and charge the lighter and clean the tips of the lighter as they may have wax or residues built up on the prongs.

What are some reasons why a plasma arc lighter would suddenly stop working?

The lighter will not work if the metal electrodes are covered with wax or residue buildup.

Some users are not steady when lighting a candle. The arc prongs dip into the wax resulting in a wax layer build up, causing the lighter to no longer work until the wax is removed. The arc prongs may appear clean, but in fact they may still have a transparent film on them.

Before cleaning the lighter, make sure the power switch is turned off. Use caution holding the lighter, being careful not to accidentally press or slide the igniter button/switch.

To clean the lighter, remove any wax and/or blackened residue from the arc tip by using a nail file and gently file the tips of the arc to remove the residues. Brush the end of the prong and wipe it using a soft cloth.

Another possible issue may be a defective USB charging cable. Try using an alternate USB cable and charge the lighter for 2 hours.

Can you use a plasma arc lighter in hot and cold weather?

A plasma arc lighter CANNOT be stored in extreme hot or cold temperatures but CAN ignite your barbecue or campfire in hot or cold weather.
For use in winter, store the lighter in your pocket near body heat until needed. This allows the lighter to operate for reasonable lengths of time under extreme temperatures.
Do not leave lighter sitting in the sun. ​
NEVER place the lighter in direct sunlight while charging.

DO NOT store your lighter in a hot vehicle. The high temperatures may activate the protection mechanism; preventing the battery from being charged or cause abnormal current or voltage when charging leading to fire, overheating or explosion.

What are the safety features unique to a plasma arc lighter?

All Sizzle plasma arc lighters are designed with an automatic circuit cut-off after 7 - 10 seconds of ignition to protect the lighter from overheating. ​Some plasma arc lighters are designed with an ON/OFF switch. The lighter will not turn on without sliding the switch to the ON position.

Please ensure the lighter is in the OFF position when not in use.

Do plasma arc lighters need to be fully charged before first use?

No, Lithium-ion batteries do not need to be fully charged before first use. (Resource; Battery University ) Before using the lighter when purchased, connect the included USB cable, and charge the lighter for (1) one hour as the initial full factory charge may have dissipated. For longest lasting battery lifespan, it is recommended that you fully charge the lighter a minimum once per month. Lighters should not be left fully discharged for longer than (3) months as this may cause the battery to remain discharged or degrade the battery life cycle.  

Are plasma arc lighters as effective as gas or butane lighters?

A Sizzle plasma arc lighter can be used to light anything a traditional lighter can ignite. The key to igniting is to place the material near or across the electrical arc the lighter produces.

The Pitmaster BBQ lighter is preferred when lighting barbecues, natural gas, propane stoves, campfires, fireworks, mosquito coils, candles, incense, welding equipment and more.

The elegant Sleek lighter will light your candles and incense then display nicely on your table with your candles. This lighter can also light campfires, propane stoves etc.

The Flare pocket lighter is optimal lighting cigarettes and pipes. This lighter can also light campfires, candles, propane stoves etc.

The Extender lighter has a telescopic handle that allows you to be a safe distance away when lighting a propane fire pit or fire table. It will also light a wood stove, fireplace, campfires, pilot light, candles, etc.

The Arc Lighter looks like a Taser. What happens if I touch the tip while it is ignited?

If you touch the tip with your finger while it's ignited, you will get shocked and burned. This product will not electrocute you.
You will receive a “zap” from the electrical current and it will hurt. The sensation is like pricking 2 hot pins on your skin. (Ouch!)
When ignited, keep the tip of the lighter away from any part of your body or clothing to prevent shock or burns.
DO NOT touch the arc to any metal object.
​Please keep away from children and pets. This is not a toy and must be treated responsibly to avoid injury.

Can the arc lighter be used as a Taser?

No. Sizzle plasma arc lighters are not intended or promoted for this purpose.

Where does Sizzle Lighters get its name and logo?

The plasma arc lighter emits a distinctive "sizzle" sound upon ignition. Our logo draws inspiration from the vivid, dual-arc electrical current produced when the lighter is activated.

What forms of payment do you accept?

For website orders, we accept PayPal, Visa, or MasterCard.
For telephone orders, we accept Visa, MasterCard, and E-transfer.

Why buy a Sizzle Lighter?

Sizzle Lighters is Canada’s source for USB rechargeable plasma arc lighters.

We are a proudly Canadian owned company located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Our elite collection of plasma arc lighters is sold nationwide in hundreds of locally owned retail stores.

While certain plasma arc lighter outer shells may look like Sizzle Lighters, their inner circuitry is not. You can purchase a cheap plasma arc lighter (there are many) but the result is you get what you pay for.

Sizzle Lighters stands behind our products:

Our defective rate averages 1%. If a customer does receive a defective lighter, they can return the lighter to the store they purchased it from. You must have your purchase receipt. If you have purchased a Sizzle lighter online from our website, an exchange or refund is available.

  • We offer a 6-month warranty on all Sizzle lighters.
  • We work with our manufacturers to ensure we provide the best circuitry in all our lighters.
  • We are always looking at new products. When we do source a new product, you can have confidence knowing that we have gone through rigorous testing to make sure it meets our high-quality standards and safety protocols.
  • Our Warehouse is in Winnipeg, Manitoba. When placing an order, you can guarantee you will receive it in 3-10 days.


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