Safety Information

The USB Arc Lighter is a precision product manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards. 
Please strictly abide by the following safety measures:
  • KEEP AWAY from children and pets, lighters are not toys.
  • DO NOT TOUCH THE ARC, burn and electrical shock will occur.
  • DO NOT expose the lighter to temperatures above or below 40°C.
  • DO NOT place the lighter in direct sunlight for long periods of time. High temperatures may activate the built-in protection mechanism designed to avoid accidents, preventing the battery from being charged. High temperatures may cause the protection circuit to break, resulting in applying abnormal current or voltage when charging, and leading to overheating, explosion or fire.
  • DO NOT leave the battery connected to a power source for extended periods of time as overcharging may cause overheating.
  • DO NOT leave the fully charged battery connected to a power source. Overcharging will shorten the battery life. Lighters take approximately 2 hours to charge.
  • KEEP the lighter away from any persons face, skin or combustible material or open flames
  • ENSURE the spark has been extinguished after use.
  • REMOVE the lighter from the flame once it is lit.
  • KEEP AWAY from water or other liquids. Doing so may break the protective circuit built into the battery, resulting in the battery being charged with an abnormal current or voltage. This could cause overheating, an explosion or fire.
  • DO NOT use any liquids to clean a lighter.
  • Use a dry brush or cloth to clean the terminals to get the best performance out of the lighter.
  • DO NOT take the lighter apart.
  • The Purchaser and User assume all liability and responsibility while using this product.