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Wrap your hand around the future

The Sizzle Gripper stands apart with its engaging palm fit design and grey nickel or rose gold metallic finish. Constructed using a three-layer zinc alloy composite, the Gripper has a smooth, finger molded base that curves into a nozzle tip. The protruding dual arc igniter safely extends outward to reveal the point of conductivity. Press gently on the illuminated LED switch to produce a powerful laser-like arc ignition.

Long Lifespan, Rechargeable, Eco-Friendly

Sizzle Lighters contain no fossil fuels or gas. The Gripper is powered by a 220mAh polymer lithium-ion battery, tested to enable 10,000 lighter ignitions. The average lifespan of a Sizzle Lighter is 100 ignitions per charge with the capability to fully recharge 100 times.

Touch-free extended ignition

When lighting multiple candles, the Sizzle Gripper offers a touch-free nine second extended ignition.  Slide the nozzle safety switch to the rear position. Touch the illuminated LED switch to engage. Lighter maintains a continuous nine second ignition before powering down. To stop ignition at any time, press the illuminated LED switch. For repeated use, slide the nozzle safety switch forward and to the rear. The LED ignition switch will illuminate, indicating lighter is ready. Enjoy the power, safety and precision of a controlled arc ignition compared to an unpredictable burning fuel flame. The extended nozzle prevents flame scorching and allows the lighter to penetrate deep into recreational bongs & pipes. 

Charging your Sizzle Lighter

The USB cord enables charging of your Sizzle lighter from any USB device or adapter – just like your phone. To charge lighter, locate the USB charging port on the bottom of the lighter and insert USB charge cord.  Insert opposite end of cord into any USB device or USB adapter. A red light will glow on lighter indicating charge is in process. Lighter will fully charge after 1-2 hours.  (USB charge cord included).

Instruction Manuals: