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Far reaching and flexible

The Sizzle Extender USB rechargeable plasma arc lighter has a secure feel to its metal alloy sabre design. Freely adjust the arc ignitor’s tip by maneuvering its flexible arm. Press the button to engage the powerful arc charge. 

Telescopic control from a distance

The fun part! Draw out the Extender’s shaft to its remarkable 49cm full length. The telescopic command allows you to stand upright or sit in a chair at a safe distance lighting campfires or a backyard fire tables. Use its length to your advantage when lighting multi-candle displays in social settings, furnace pilot lights and places of worship.     

Safe rechargeable reliability

The USB charge port on the base of the arm allows you to charge the Extender from any USB device or USB adapter. Use the lighter up to 100 times with every charge. Its concealed lithium-ion battery is engineered to produce up to 10,000 ignitions or 100 full charges. (USB charge cord included)