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Pocket Sized Precision

Be at the ready with our Swiss-style Scout rechargeable plasma arc lighter.

The concealed ignitor reveals itself at the tip when activated by a thumb switch. The bright dual arc ignition enables the device to light everything from candles to campfires.

Additional folding tools make it ideal for quick solutions to small repairs or adjustments.

USB charge cord and wearable pouch included.

Multi-tool functionality

Additional tools included:

  • Corkscrew
  • Small blade
  • Bottle opener/screwdriver

Compact and reliable

Velcro pouch allows device to attach on belts/backpacks. Compactness and smooth finish for easy storage in handbag/purse etc.

Use the Scout for everyday applications in the home, office, or great outdoors!

The Scout Lighter

It will light your propane stove so you can cook up great meals.

It will light your campfire, no worries if it’s a windy day, the lighter is windproof.

It will cut your fishing line when you want to change your lures.

It will light your candles to create that special ambiance.

It will light your mosquito coils to keep those pesky mosquitos away.

It will open a bottle of wine with the corkscrew.

It will open any bottle cap to enjoy your favorite beverage.

You have a knife to whittle a stick for marshmallow’s or cut rope.

If you need to tighten a screw you have a screwdriver.

It will work in extreme cold conditions when snowmobiling, ice fishing.

It will light your cigarette, small cigar, or pipe.

It has a carry case to secure it on your belt, so you are ready to use it.

The arc lighter will light during your entire stay because you get about 75-100 ignitions per charge, and you can recharge it over 100 times.